Morcillaconf is a developers conference organized by the Google Developers Group (GDG) community in Burgos. It was hosted at the University Isabel I, one of the sponsors of the event. This time, four of us joined other 250 developers to attend an interesting day and a fun night.

As when we went to Bilbostack earlier this year, the best part of the conference was to meet fellow colleagues and to learn from other people’s experiences. At Morcillaconf we learned about data, development processes, progressive web apps, quantum computing, security, recruiting… We had a speaking slot and we shared what we know about conversational interfaces and the magic behind and below Dialogflow, Google’s solution for Natural Language Processing. NLP was mentioned in other talks and we’re happy to see it’s becoming a more relevant technology.

You can find our slides for the talk here (including links to a lot of interesting papers about the topic).


Another interesting part of the event was the unofficial gathering of GDG organizers from different communities in Spain. We had the chance to talk about how each community is approaching event planning and organization, our personal moments, and to make plans for the next year.

Morcillaconf closed with a great party

Communities are the people who make them and we hope to see everyone again very soon! Thanks to the organizers and to the sponsors for a great experience.

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