Bilbostack is a developers conference organized in Bilbao. 2019 marks the 8th edition of this conference that gathers over 500 participants. It was our first year at this conference and we loved the format: a morning of talks in two tracks, and an afternoon to hang out with the community.

The organizers did a great job at putting together two very interesting tracks of talks, organized our trip and provided an overall great experience to all attendees at the event and the after-event. Kudos! We will be back in 2020.

The Talks

José Armesto, Kubernetes

The first talk we watched was about Kubernetes, by José Armesto. He gave a lot of examples, but I have to admit I am not the most technical person and I was nervous about my talk so I disconnected a few times. Next time I have a chance to hear José I should make sure I can pay attention to the tons of information he showed in his talk.

Inés Huertas, Big Data

Next up, Inés Huertas presented Eat, Pray, Data. Her company, Datatons, specializes in Big Data Integration and Data Analysis, and the talk was a narration of the processes they are involved in when setting up big data architecture and the challenges they have.

Image by Bilbostack

Eduardo Ferro, DevOps

The third talk we attended was Eduardo Ferro’s about DevOps. I am a big fan of DevOps since my days at Asquera and my read of The Phoenix Project, and we have a big focus on doing things well in this area at The Neon Project, so I loved Eduardo’s presentation around different processes and tools involved in DevOps.

Yours Truly, Conversational UI

To close the day we presented Bots vs Humans, our talk about challenges building conversational interfaces that use NLP. It’s not the first time we give this presentation, but it’s always changing with new examples and learnings. You can watch a recorded version of the talk we gave at ADDC in 2019 or see the updated slides here.

The after-conference

The Basque Country region in Spain has a reputation for great drinks and great food and it’s only fair. Organizing a conference in a city like Bilbao is a guaranty for a good after-conference experience, and it is not necessary to pull out bells and whistles: Simplicity does. We gathered in the Main Square and spent the afternoon eating and drinking and talking about technology and life.

One highlight was de-virtualizing the rest of the NoLegalTech team. We had been working together remotely for the last couple of months of the year to produce our paper about Legal Questions in Conversational Development, and it was very cool to meet them in person.

Conferences are the communities they gather, and the one around Bilbostack is a beautiful one. Thanks to the organizers and to the sponsors for a great experience. We hope to repeat in the next edition and to see everyone in the next event and maybe at Intentconf, the conference about conversational interfaces we’re organizing on April 27th in Cordoba.

Sponsors and conference image by Ainara

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