PRODUCT: Confidential
PERIOD: 2018


This is a confidential project, so we can’t tell you much about it. We’re working on voice UX for a news publisher.


Following our methodology in other projects, we created the project conversational canvas, studied the users through an online research and documented user personas with the company teams.
We did a benchmanrking exercise, observing how the competitors nationally and internationally are adopting this new channel, and processed recommendations for the team that were incorporated in the development of their first prototypes.


This project is work in progress.
For The Neon Project this is being an unvaluable oportunity to learn more about voice and to live first handedly the impact of conversational interfaces as catalists for the revolution of news and mass media.
It is another opportunity for us to learn from the people we work with to ultimately improve our processes and some of the tools we use in our other projects.
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