The Neon Project is a business transformation lab. We work with people, processes & products.

We build experimental products and work with companies in three kinds of interventions: Consulting for Ideas, Innovation through Projects, and Improvement of Products.

The Neon Project Process

Consulting for Ideas

This happens before you start working. It’s what traditional consultancies call Strategic Advisory.

First we understand your idea and work with you to better define the needs that exist and the value you propose to add to the current solutions. This brings light over a very important question: Do you really need technology? Is a chatbot really a good fit for your brand? What is the minimum viable solution that helps you validate your idea and achieve your business goals?

Together with your project team we define your requirements, the technical architecture, the initial designs… We work with our own network of professionals from definition to implementation, but if a definition is all you need from us for now you are free to use them with your internal teams or another agency.

Innovation through Projects

Our mindset at the beginning of a project is: What’s the simplest thing we can do to achieve the greatest possible impact? 

Welcome to Project Management The Neon Project way: Waterfall in the outside to accommodate the needs of large companies with milestones and deadlines; Agile in the inside working in sprints to ensure frequent delivery of feedback-able material

Whenever possible we like working with internal pilots with and closed betas so that we can handle any risks identified with innovative products at the beginning of the project and learn from real users as early on without putting the brand’s reputation at risk.

Improvement of Products

Innovation isn’t always about creating new things. Sometimes all you need to do is look at what you have with a different light.

A part of the job we love! We do product reviews, mystery shopping and competitor’s analysis and write a report for you. Our reports go from 1-pagers, with pointers for more research on your side, to full 30-pages reports you will want to print.

We’ve learnt that it’s best when we empower your teams to improve your products instead of doing all the magic ourselves, so we help you set up better processes and motivate your team to embrace and participate in change and continual improvement. We always pick tools and processes thinking of a handover. We don’t call it churn: we call it graduation.