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We are an agency for the digital transformation of people, processes and products. We specialize in resolving complex problems.


We are technology agnostic and do projects for different platforms and programming languages. As most agencies, we do mobile and web development, integrations and database work. Where we shine, however, is in projects that require the use of technologies like blockchain, conversational agents, and data.

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Building distributed ledgers and consensus networks for identity, traceability and other challenges where transparency and trust are hard requirements.

Conversational Agents

We are conversational makers since 2016 and have experience in text and voice agents in verticals like health, travel, productivity or lead qualification.



We don’t do Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning: Instead, we apply AI and ML techniques to data analysis. Our goal is to extract the most value from your data in the shortest possible time, so that you can make the best decisions.

we work

We work the agile way, defining features with user story mapping, organizing work in sprints. We like quality code, so we write clean code that follows standards and work with automated testing using BDD, providing a CI/CD environment from the first feature to production.

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for Ideas

This happens before you start working. It’s what traditional consultancies call Strategic Advisory.

through Projects

Our mindset at the beginning of a project is: What’s the simplest thing we can do to achieve the greatest possible impact?

of Products

Innovation isn’t always about creating new things. Sometimes all you need to do is look at what you have with a different light.


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Cristina Santamarina


Cristina Santamarina loves communications, communities and technological change. She has project management and field experience in large companies, startups, and NGOs.

Javier Aguirre


Javier Aguirre is a software architect, passionate about good practices of software development and process automation, either technical or related to team management.

Miguel Calero


Miguel Calero is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, lecturer, speaker, innovation catalyst in spaces where business digitalization adds a potential for a relevant change, and father of two children.

En 2017 creamos el grupo privado de Facebook Chatbots en Español y hoy somos más de 1000 personas aprendiendo sobre interfaces conversacionales.

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